Toggl Desktop client for Fedora 16 64-bit

Here are instructions for converting the Toggl Desktop deb to an rpm and installing.  As always, this guide assumes that your Fedora has all the updates installed, if not, run the following as root:

yum -y update

First, we need to install alien using the following commands as root:

yum -y install perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker gcc qt-webkit rpm-build git
cd /tmp
git clone git://
cd alien
perl Makefile.PL; make; make install

Now, to download, convert, and install the Toggl-Desktop deb package.  Run the following as root:

yum -y install libXScrnSaver
cd /tmp
/usr/local/bin/alien -r toggl-desktop_current_amd64.deb
rpm --nodeps -Uvh toggl-desktop-*.rpm
ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/
cp /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/toggl-desktop.desktop /usr/share/applications/
cp /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_64.png /usr/share/icons/toggl-desktop.png

Now, you should be able to find and launch Toggl-Desktop from your Applications list in the Internet subsection.

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7 Responses to Toggl Desktop client for Fedora 16 64-bit

  1. Avi Wollman says:

    I got the error, “error: File not found by glob: toggl-desktop-*.rpm” when I entered “rpm –nodeps -Uvh toggl-desktop-*.rpm”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did the other commands work succesfully? Do you see a toggl-desktop rpm file in the directory when you do an “ls” in the directory you are trying to run the rpm command in?

      • Cougar says:

        Looks like you have forgotten commands to convert .deb to .rpm. from your cmd list you download .deb with wget and in next line already install .rpm file but it is not visible how did you convert that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, you are absolutely correct. I must have lost it during a copy/paste. It should be fixed now.

  2. Anon says:

    This worked perfectly. Was having trouble getting the rpm to see before I found this. Thanks!

  3. Renato Lima says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks!

  4. oriettaxx says:

    great! worked with fedora 17 32

    just need to replace the download link, and the simb linking:

    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

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