HDHomerun on Fedora 19

Yay, the good folks making Fedora have finally included the DVB modules in the kernel-devel package.  This makes things a lot easier for crafting RPMs since I no longer have to download the full kernel source and compile against it.

Anyways, I have created a yum repo for both the binary and source RPMS for these.  I would love for somebody to test these out and let me know if things work or not for them.  I created newer hdhomerun and hdhomerun-devel packages than what is already in the Fedora repos.  They are created from today’s CVS.

name=HDHomeRun - $basearch

And the SRPMS are here:

name=HDHomeRun Source RPMS - $basearch
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1 Response to HDHomerun on Fedora 19

  1. Eric Mesa says:

    Love that you have a repo setup. Are you still doing this? Would you build for F20? And, if not, would you mind posting instructions on how I could compile myself now that this is eaiser with the DVB modules in the kernel?


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