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Nagios Plugin for checking a couple of things on APC SmartUPS

Below is the code I wrote recently for checking a few things on an APC SmartUPS using SNMP.  The check can be used for checking three things currently: amount of battery time remaining, battery temperature, and temperature from a connected … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office sucks (with opening URLs)

Ran into a really bizarre situation today with loading URLs from inside a Word document.  Microsoft Office apparently does some stupid junk with pre-loading the URLs inside Office and will follow URLs straight to logout page instead of passing it … Continue reading

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Nagios plugin to monitor bandwidth statistics

Below is a little plugin I wrote today for Nagios to monitor bandwidth usage on an interface.  It’s pretty basic and there are probably much better ways to do this, but this doesn’t require installing any extra packages on most … Continue reading

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Don’t Starve Together Dedicated Server on Linux stuff

Recently, I have been playing a game called Don’t Starve Together with my wife.  I wanted to play with setting up a dedicated server and followed the very well made guide at Don’t Starve Together Game Wikia Dedicated Server Setup But … Continue reading

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CGMiner for ButterflyLabs or ASIC USB Erupter RPMs for RHEL6(and clones)

I created some RPMs for CGMiner on RHEL6(CentOS and Scientific also) for CGMiner that one is compiled for the ButterflyLabs ASIC and one for the USB ASIC Erupter(Icarus).  I have tested both of these as working.  You can grab the … Continue reading

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Compiling CGMiner on Fedora 19 with AMD Catalyst Drivers

Below is a guide to get cgminer compiled and working on Fedora 19 with scrypt using the AMD Catalyst and OpenCL drivers. First, you will need to enable the RPMFusion Repo for the AMD Catalyst drivers. sudo rpm -Uvh reading


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HDHomerun on Fedora 19

Yay, the good folks making Fedora have finally included the DVB modules in the kernel-devel package.  This makes things a lot easier for crafting RPMs since I no longer have to download the full kernel source and compile against it. … Continue reading

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Building a repository for CryptoCoin Mining

My hosting company got pwned and lost my entire VM about a week after I just happened to reinstall the desktop that I built all the RPMs on, so I lost my RPMS, Spec files, and SRPMS.  I might try … Continue reading

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CGMiner on Fedora 18 with Nvidia GPU

First, you need to install the Nvidia binary drivers from RPMFusion.  The below commands should handle that: sudo rpm -Uvh sudo rpm -Uvh sudo yum -y install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-devel Then, you need to download and install the CUDA software … Continue reading

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Setting up dvbhdhomerun on Fedora 17

As always, this guide assumes SELinux is off and that you have installed all updates and rebooted into the latest kernel.  I recently got a couple of HDHomerun devices.  I set an HDHomerun Dual awhile back with TVHeadend.  I just … Continue reading

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